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Bounce House Rentals Phoenix AZ

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Jumper Rentals Chandler

Jumper Rentals - Great for all Occasions

Our jumper rentals are perfect for any occasion and can use indoors or outdoors. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to accommodate your needs. Whether you're looking for something simple or with more flair, we have the right rental for you! Here are some of the occasions when you need to book jumper rentals Phoenix:

Jumper Rentals Phoenix

a. Birthday Parties    

It is probably one of the most obvious reasons.  A jumper rental will help your children have an enjoyable time! Maybe they've been begging for you to rent a bounce house, or it's their birthday coming up. Either way, you can provide them with hours of fun.

b. Family Reunions

Do you want to keep the kids occupied while the adults are catching up? It is an excellent opportunity to use jumper rentals Peoriaaz. Everyone will have a good time bouncing up and down!

C. Backyard BBQs or other outdoor parties

It is a great chance to provide entertainment for everyone. You can set up the jumpers outdoors and let the kids play while you finish cooking dinner. The kids might also want to take turns bouncing inside the jumper.

d. Fairs or carnivals

Believe it or not, many of our customers rent bouncers for these occasions rather than using their equipment! Since other people provide attractions too, you should look into this option to save money but still offer fun things for your kids (and family) to do.

e. School or church events

These are great places to get the children active and entertained! The schools often have many kids attending, so you can set up multiple jumper rentals Gilbert for everyone to enjoy. You might even be able to create your fundraising event by having people pay to play in the jumper.

f. Open houses

You don't have to have a big open house or even be home for this one! You can just rent a jumper and let people play on it while they look at the house. If you're moving, this is a great way to get people interested in buying your place while providing entertainment for everyone who stops by to look at the house.

g. Grand openings

Whether you're opening a new business or coming up with a way for people to celebrate the grand opening of their homes, jumper rentals Mesa AZ provide hours of entertainment for everyone! Everyone can play, and you can give out coupons and other freebies when guests leave.

h. Store events

If you run a store, it's always great to provide entertainment for the people who stop by. Kids will love bouncing in the jumper while their parents shop around the store. You can even put your product on display in front of them!


Jumper rentals Chandler are a great way to make your event memorable and fun. We offer many different jumpers customized with custom graphics, logos, and colors if desired. Call us today for more information on our jumper rental options!

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